Bloating is not a disease by itself. It is more of an indication of some other serious underlying medical condition related to digestive disorders such as indigestion. Nowadays with introduction of pre-packed foods, fast food and ready made food, people are opting for these kinds of food due to their hectic life style and constraint of time which in turn is causative factor for digestive disorders such as bloated stomach, trapped wind, indigestion, etc. Also irregular and unusual eating habits are other factors for bloated stomach.

Stomach bloating is when the abdomen feels full and tight, even when you have not just eaten. It most often occurs in the small intestine rather than the stomach, as most people believe. And the most common cause is irregular digestion that produces gas at a higher rate than normal. Some of the causes of bloated stomach are; eating too fast, swallowing air, eating food too fast, lactose intolerance or certain food intolerances.

Females generally suffer from a bloating known as pre-Menustral bloating. This usually occurs during the pre- Menustral cycle where legs and hands swell up.

In Medical parlance, bloated stomach is defined as excessive gas in the stomach. If you are suffering from it or not, you can identify the same using the below guidelines:
Passing of excessive gas/wind
Painful Stomach Cramps
Bloated Abdomen
Feel very uncomfortable with tight clothes

Identification of the causative factor is the key element for proper dianosis and remedy. As discussed above, pre-packaged food, ready made food contain chemical additives in small quantities which are quite harmless, but over a period of time, they build up in the body and become causative factor for bloated stomach. To identify these additives, a technique known as flat stomach can be very helpful. You can identify the cause by reducing the particular kind of food which you feel is causing the bloated stomach and once you have identified it, avoid that food and get rid of it.

If you are taking Buffalo milk regularly, it is time to minimize its intake. Buffalo milk is deficient in Lactose. Lactose is an enzyme that helps in digestion of milk by breaking glucose. As matter of fact 1 ounce of undigested milk produces one gallon of gas, hence reduction of buffalo milk can prevent bloated stomach to an extent.

Consumption of excess wheat also produces lot of gas. A protein called gluten is responsible for production of gas.

Other factors responsible for production of gas are antibiotics, sweets and salt. Excess consumption of these items results in excess production of gas; avoid eating lot of sweets and foods containing high salt.

In nut shell, proper kind of diet, consumption of wholesome food and proper exercise can prevent bloated stomach.

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