"How to get pregnant" is a question many couples find themselves asking as it can be very difficult for some couples to get pregnant. It seems that even with all the effort in the world, conceiving a baby is not a possibility. The fact is that there are a mere six days in a month in which the act of conceiving can take place, and as you may or may not be aware there are other various factors which can directly impact on a couples chance of conceiving. For details on these barriers and how you can overcome them click here
Unfortunately many of us have problems when trying to get pregnant purely because our lifestyles and evolution has made conceiving a lot more difficult. There are various issues which can impact on how likely you are to conceive and perhaps if you are unable to get pregnant and have not yet checked yourself out, you may unfortunately have one of these conditions. How to get pregnant is a question many ask though so do not feel you are alone.
Unfortunately we are poorly informed, our bodies are amazing things and doctors/scientists have not mapped nowhere near what we are capable of and health studies and recommendations etc are not always made on the back of 100% conclusive studies. On top of that our way of life is turning the odds in favour of us not getting pregnant, for example did you know that there are 17 common household products you MUST avoid otherwise your chances of becoming pregnant are substantially reduced? Click here to find out more
It may not surprise you that the 'how to get pregnant' question is becoming more of an issue compared to recent years and this goes hand in hand with our diets becoming poorer. It is therefore important that both partners consume a good diet, in this context a good diet involves consuming foods high in vitamins and anti-oxidants which can normally be found in fruits, meats and vegetables and other natural foods. Beware of fish especially products high in mercury as high levels of mercury has been associated to problems conceiving. Note to be aware of pesticides as they have some fertility problem effects, so it may be a good idea to go organic in this respect.
Get better lifestyle habits, this includes stopping smoking as it has been scientifically proven that tobacco interferes with the conceiving aspect in a woman's body, and it impacts sperm health and significantly decreases sperm count. Reduce caffeine consumption can help too, as too much caffeine has been directly linked to increasing chances of miscarriage.
So they are the basics covered which you should adhere to and probably do not come to any surprise to you. However there are a lot more factors to consider on your journey of how to get pregnant. For example did you know:-
  • There is one drink which lowers your success rate to conceive by around 50%
  • 85% of infertility cases can be resolved by one simple tactic
  • One natural hormonal supplement can make a massive impact on your fertility levels in days
  • There is a strong connection between infertility and exercise and you must get this balance right
  • 2 simple regular breathing exercises which you can do regularly aids your hormonal production
  • If you use makeup which uses 1 certain ingredient then you will never get rid of your fertility issues.
  • There are 10 foods which you probably do not regularly eat once can increase your chances significantly.
To find out more about the above points, click here.
So if you are trying to get pregnant, then follow the advice in this article outlined above and you should be propelled forwards towards being able to conceive and no longer will you ask yourself the question "how to get pregnant".

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