If you currently have cracks at the corner of your mouth, you may be suffering from a common condition known as Angular Cheilitis.

Angular cheilitis is characterized by splitting, ulceration and soreness at the corners of the lips which extends to a small area of the face. Sometimes there will be fine, sore cracks, whereas at other times the area will scab over completely and the sufferer may exhibit this crusty areas which not only look unpleasant but which can cause untold agony. Cracks at the corner of mouth can be extremely painful as everyday essential activities, such as simply eating, drinking and speaking can aggravate the condition.

It is not always easy to determine what has caused angular cheilitis, however, there are sometimes some obvious causes. The cracks at the corner of the mouth can be caused by badly fitting dentures, nutritional deficiencies, loose folds of skin at the mouth edges, pen or finger sucking or extremes of weather. Often, once the infection has established itself, it becomes fungal in nature and very difficult to eradicate as the damp, moist conditions at the mouth edges provide an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria.

Simple angular cheilitis treatment to cure cracks at corner of mouth can include a number of measures.

Obviously, if you think that the condition is caused by an obvious trigger, you should do everything possible to remove this. For example, if badly fitting dentures are a cause, steps should be taken to get these adjusted. If finger sucking or pen biting are causes, you may wish to discourage this by painting some of the bitter "anti-nail biting" substance (available at most pharmacies) on pen ends and fingernails. If the sufferer has a poor diet, deficiencies in Vitamin B and Iron can contribute to angular cheilitis and in these cases, a vitamin supplement can be helpful. If the cracking is very mild and in its early stages, a little petroleum jelly or unperfumed lip balm can provide some instant, welcome relief.
If the cracks at the corner of the mouth have persisted for more than a couple of days, it is likely that the condition has taken hold and become bacterial or fungal in nature and is unlikely to simply heal up without intervention. Fortunately it is possible to completely cure this condition within 24 hours by using a remedy which is completely guaranteed to work. By this time tomorrow, the pain and soreness will be completely gone-indeed most people notice a significant improvement within a couple of hours. For further information on how to cure cracks at corner of mouth, please visit Angular Cheilitis Treatment

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  2. In treating your AC, you can use home remedies. Using natural home remedy defeats the microorganism by drying them out but does so wtihout drying out your skin. No matter what types of angular cheilitis treatment you are undergoing, prevention is always a better alternative. Always bring a lip balm with you if you feel your lips are dry and avoid licking and finally, eat healthier foods and live a healthy lifestyle.

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